My October ’15 in Review

I’ll begin by apologizing for my tardiness as festival fatigue has finally worn off following its conclusion. I saw a total of fifteen films at this year’s Philadelphia Film Festival, most of which were well worth seeing barring a couple of duds. This sheer volume of viewing paired with my continuing obsession with comparing my opinions with others’ yielded something fruitful, more specifically an overarching moment of self-reflection regarding my personal tastes. I’ve further distanced myself from past fears of harboring dissenting opinions, and thankfully, I feel much more confident in ironing out the criteria to befit my growing canon of personal favorites. Catching up with wide-release fare I’ve missed throughout the festival’s duration will prove tiresome, but I plan on eliminating a few blind spots in between these viewings whenever possible. Feel free to check out my ranked list of everything I saw at PFF24 here.



My October ’14 in Review

WELP, I wasn’t able to attend all of the screenings I purchased tickets for throughout the film festival. A disappointing afterthought to no one but myself, five out of the six films I saw were hits in some capacity, while the lone sixth (*cough* Laggies) rests among this year’s absolute worst and nigh-insufferable efforts. The October horror bug bit as I expected it would, however unseen, moreover worthwhile genre offerings proved elusive. Take a peek at what I enjoyed most throughout all of last month below and feel free to comment!