My November ’15 in Review

The time for to binge catch up with the deluge of awards contenders is upon us. I’ve yet to embark upon this unwieldy endeavor myself, what with other preoccupations detracting enough from my viewing habits to pose a potential problem. I’ll be hunkering down in the year’s remaining weeks, if only to produce my annual year-end list in a timely enough fashion. Here’s to the fruitful twilight of a year that’s passed by quicker than I hoped it would, if only due to a lack of desirable warmth in a region where seasonal depression tends to reek havoc on yours truly.



The “It’s a Retrospective, Not a Top 10” Post-2014 Post

Welp, 2014 ended roughly a week ago and, as usual, procrastination has set in along with a desire to view what else I can and should before compiling my year-end top ten list. Like every year, this past one brought about some much-needed change – change that came in the form of my relocating for worse then (thankfully) better as a terrible existential low of a career change segued into a similar, but ultimately better one. While not the dream job any and everyone inevitably pines for, said transition has procured a peace of mind I previously struggled to attain, thus allowing me to revamp my film-viewing habits with noticeable gusto.

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