Top 10: Anti-Romantic Films


To those who know me personally, a list like this created by yours truly is about as uncommon as cheese on pizza (SPOILER: If you eat cheese-less pizza then, well, you’re doing it wrong). That being said, I’ve become particularly fond of anti-romantic “self-torture” films that astound and depress in equal measure, their protagonists suffering through varying degrees of hardship as it’s typically not triumphed over. From a simple case of love on the rocks to a more sprawling effort with a touched-upon, moreover unifying narrative impetus, I feel that this list is a mildly eclectic one that illustrates the many faces of anti-romantic cinema. Consider it my Valentine’s Day gift to you.

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Top 10: Collaborators That Could Use a Reunion

Series scribe Tony Gilroy returns with his first directorial go in the Bourne saga tomorrow, The Bourne Legacy. Having parted ways with Paul Greengrass – the man behind the camera for both The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum – many have been wondering if Gilroy has the chops necessary to give the franchise’s signature frenetic aura that certain special oomph. While the movie-going public mulls that one over this weekend, Mr. Deepayan Sengupta and I have compiled a list of collaborators both past and present that we hope get back together sometime in the near or distant future. Enjoy, and as always, feel free to voice your own personal wishes for future collaborations!

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Top 10: Best Career Turns

With That’s My Boy looking anything but your typical “I’ve clearly stopped giving a shit” Adam Sandler fare, I find that it’s quite sad to see someone who’s exuded his talent as a dramatic actor squander any and all potential by reverting back to his roots in the worst possible way. Jack & Jill, of which I first thought to be a joke, proved that certain individuals, Sandler especially, fail to realize the depths to which they’ll stoop for the sake of a paycheck and shunning the public’s increasingly unfavorable opinion of them. This in mind, it’s always refreshing to look back upon those actors and actresses that have admirably broken free from their respective character molds, playing against type to prove to us that there’s more to them than meets the eye. Agree or disagree, I’ve concocted a list of those still working today that have successfully tackled such a daunting task.

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Top 10: Best Moments from the Films of Wes Anderson

With today marking the (very) limited release of the much anticipated Moonrise Kingdom, I deemed it appropriate to concoct a list of ten exceptionally memorable moments from his films that have defined him as a singular American filmmaker. Some are a tad more foreseeable than others, comedic or dramatic as well, but as always, feel free to share some of your personal favorites with me considering how restrictive the number ten is in relation to such a visionary auteur. Enjoy!

10. The Gunfight (The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou)

While The Life Aquatic borders on unfavorable to those not wholly entranced by Anderson’s signature style, its comedic timing is, by my standards, pretty impeccable. In a rather wild turn of events, Zissou (Bill Murray) and his eclectic crew’s vessel is hijacked by a band of Filipino pirates. Realizing that shit’s gone completely haywire, Steve snaps, biting through his restraints and unleashes hell upon his assailants with a 9MM handgun. Accompanied remarkably by one (of many) David Bowie classics, what ensues is pretty off-the-wall, even by Anderson’s standards. It’s a scene that’s meant to be taken half-seriously, what with the predicament itself being all but jokeworthy and Mr. Zissou’s outburst teetering on the brink of awkwardly comedic absurdity.

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