About the Blog

Hi! I’m similarly known to the Internet, myself and others as Derin. As cliche as it sounds, I’ve always been an avid film watcher, rushing home after school throughout my adolescence just so I could pop any number of “classics” into my VCR for instant gratification. Whether it was Disney’s latest animated offering or Jurassic Park, I had no problem viewing my not-so-extensive collection of tapes over and over again until either they or the VCR itself called it quits. Without a fervent interest in writing and my archetypal childish thoughts wandering elsewhere constantly, I was unable to appreciate film as an art form until my college years when I began viewing film both for pleasure and the sake of critiquing it. Since then, my passion for both writing and the subject at hand has sparked an unending desire to explore all niches of the cinematic spectrum, expanding my taste in film and sharing my various musings with you as fellow cinephiles and valued readers.

In case you’re wondering, I recently revamped my rating system to encourage returning visitors to read my entries in their entirety, however if they’re just looking for a quick recommendation, they can always check out this year’s review index. A new feature I’ve implemented just a short while ago, the films I’ve seen over the years have been organized into four categories: The Great, The Good, The Fair and The Poor. An explanation of each can be found below.

For lack of better phrasing, those that fall into this category can safely be considered best of the year material on the basis of my own personal opinion and, quite possibly, yours as well. Stellar films that rarely if at all falter in the areas I consider to comprise a well-rounded film.

Relatively self-explanatory. Films considered to be “good” were just that: good. Enjoyable if sometimes throwaway efforts can be found here, as well as pleasant surprises that caught me off guard rather than blowing me away.

The term “fair” is an odd one, however I consider films in this category to be middling; tolerable pieces of pure escapism that often embrace cliches and the like to a noticeable degree, but it’s still easy to appreciate them for what they are in the grand scheme of things, even if what they are isn’t wholly immersive.

Again, this is pretty self-explanatory, but you should generally avoid everything in this category unless curiosity tends to get the best of you. I’ve been found guilty of it time and time again, but thankfully, my job at a local movie theater’s essentially saved me from wasting money on these atrocities, some worse than others.