My April ’15 in Review

Another month down, another viewing-heavy endeavor to embark upon. In addition to future plans for binging on Hulu’s nigh-endless selection of Criterion titles, I’ve recently acquired quite the interest in Hong Kong cinema. Steeped in an unfathomably voluminous quality reflective of its own populace, the country’s cinematic history pre- and post-handover is undeniably eclectic and fascinating as such. This in mind, I’ve begun a shortsighted if suitably introductory focus on the iconic ’80s-spawned heroic bloodshed subgenre pioneered by John Woo and his contemporaries. There’s enough Chow Yun-fat to go around, so feel free to check out any of the titles I’ve chosen and will continue to cover.

2015 has yet to yield anything deservedly laudable outside of Alex Garland’s thematically stilted but entirely compelling Ex Machina, and the creatively-landlocked Marvel bubble has officially hamstrung this year’s biggest release irreparably enough. The good and the bad more or less offset each other, which is to be expected, however I hope to strike a considerable amount of blindspotting gold in the coming weeks. As always, I thank you for reading, and feel free to comment on anything in particular (or else).



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