My March ’15 in Review

Another month down and another arbitrary post pertaining to my viewing habits throughout the past few weeks. Flaccid in comparison to my noticeably more prolific February outing, work and its coinciding stress-inducing bullshit has reared its ugly head as has my short attention span. Spreading my already sparse spare time thin via both film and many a video game, I aim to concoct a schedule that will amply rectify what presently plagues me.

High Plains Drifter was my first foray into Eastwood’s revisionist Western catalog, the film itself mostly holding up despite a palpably barebones narrative complete with setting-specific normality. Condemning an entire town full of shifty fuckers to death as your own ghost reads excellent on paper, however the rudimentary presentation does little to reinvigorate anything in particular. An all in all solid outing succeeded by presumably better efforts as I scramble to view them at my scarcely afforded leisure.



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