My May ’14 in Review

A month noticeably benchmarked by two high-grossing Marvel properties – one excellent, the other not at all – May proved fruitful in the realm of my time well-spent with indie efforts. As the thought of continued comic book/superhero fare through the better part of eternity makes my f-ing eye twitch, I’ll (partially) refrain from stating the obvious as said juggernaut of cash cow thrives again and again. Put plainly, the amount of material at these creative leads’ disposal is (literally) as bountiful as the source inspirations’, and while certain signs do or don’t point toward an eventual team-up in some capacity, holding your breath would be unwise.

In giving credit where it’s due, I can forgive Disney, Fox and Sony for capitalizing on what’s profitable and timely – it’s the way of the world. After all, I find it easier to appreciate the slow-but-steady embarkation on journeys beyond that of origin-specific bullshit, of which can either mean more of the same over time for paychecks’ sakes or earnestness in conveying these comic book legacies. Either way, only time can tell what will become of the actors, actresses, writers and directors that time and again devote an uncommonly hefty amount of attention to these projects. I guess we’ll just have to wait, spend money and see.

WELL, if you’ll forgive my semi-stilted rambling, allow me to present you with the four best films I viewed over the course of May. Enjoy, and as always, feel free to comment on anything you’d like!

May Wrap-Up

Other first-time viewings (in alphabetical order):

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Webb, ’14)
Godzilla (Edwards,’ 14)
Insidious: Chapter Two (Wan, ’13)
Neighbors (Stoller, ’14)

Total number of films watched (including re-watches): 8



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