My April ’14 in Review

As it continually substantiated its lackluster stature, April – in terms of theatrical releases – was a dud. Barring the success of Captain America: The Winter Soldier (of which I and everybody else seemed to enjoy), I found it hard to enjoy anything the medium provided in an effort to entertain. Even still, I mustered up the willpower to procure the following list of four films that I’ve deemed worthwhile for those who give a damn about my opinion. Enjoy, and as always, feel free to comment on anything you enjoyed or loathed from the past month (and change).

April Wrap-Up

Other first-time viewings (in alphabetical order):

Afflicted (Lee & Prowse, ’14)
Aftershock (López, ’13)
Dom Hemingway (Shepard, ’14)
Enemy (Villeneuve, ’14)
The Quiet Ones (Pogue, ’14)
The Raid 2 (Evans, ’14)


Boy A (Carney, ’07)

Total number of films watched (including re-watches): 11


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