My March ’14 in Review

March served as another month full of self-exposure to missed opportunities in the realm of widely-lauded cinema, my coworker once again helping me sustain my appetite for quality viewing with two of the five list entries you see below. This aside, my viewing habits in general have been upped substantially thanks to a certain special someone’s interest in sharing said viewings with me.

As for general observations, it’s apparent that 2014 has finally managed to gather up enough steam to warrant frequent theatrical ventures, although it goes without saying that their fruitfulness is subject to my ever-varying opinions. Even still, I think it’s safe to say that the volume of my writing will increase in the coming days, weeks and months as I half-ass the fulfillment of said promise. Enjoy and feel free to comment on anything you’d like.

March Wrap-Up

Divider 2

Other first-time viewings (in alphabetical order):

300: Rise of an Empire (Murro, ’14)
Haunter (Natali, ’13)
Narc (Carnahan, ’02)
Non-Stop (Collet-Serra, ’14)
Spun (Åkerlund, ’02)


Harsh Times (Ayer, ’05)
Stake Land (Mickle, ’10)

Total number of films watched (including re-watches): 11


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