My February ’14 in Review


As the second, shortest yet full month of the new year yielded a characteristically awful batch of new theatrical releases, such a fact compelled me to revisit some things. In doing so, I subsequently exposed a friend of mine to some of the films I hold in high regard as all-time favorites if only from the last decade or so of cinematic excellence. Even still, it’s slightly upsetting to continually reflect upon how piss-poor the annual first quarter is regarding worthwhile out-of-house entertainment, however I succeeded in revisiting the aforementioned gems and am highly anticipating what March has to offer.

February Wrap-Up

Divider 2

Other first-time viewings (in alphabetical order):

RoboCop (Padilha, ’14)


All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (Levine, ’06)
Dredd (Travis, ’12)
Entrance (Hallam & Horvath, ’12)
In Bruges (McDonagh, ’08)
V/H/S/2 (Barrett, Eisener, Evans, Hale, Sánchez, Tjahjanto & Wingard, 2013)
The Vicious Kind (Krieger, ’09)

Total number of films watched (including re-watches): 11


2 comments on “My February ’14 in Review

  1. FILTH FTW. I thought the Iceman was a huge letdown, apparently the story is totally fabricated too.

    • afilmodyssey says:

      I agree, I basally appreciated The Iceman for its more obvious true crime-centric merits, but if the story behind the legend is embellished to that high of a degree, I don’t know how I feel about it anymore. Filth on the other hand struck a chord with me in a major way. Thanks again for the recommendation!

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