My September ’13 in Review: TIFF 2013 Reflection and Wrap-Up


If you’ll forgive my purposeful tardiness, I’ve decided to dedicate this past month’s retrospective to my second consecutive TIFF venture, during which I had the pleasure of viewing a total of ten films in the company of friends both new and old. Confidently honing a requisite sum of festival knowledge, this year’s festival turned out to be one hell of a well-rounded experience as fun was had both in and outside of varying featured venues. From insightful Q&As laden with celebrity eye candy and pleasant surprises to simply enjoying a good meal in between, TIFF 2013 assuredly served as an ample perpetuating precursor for my now insatiable festival appetite. That being said, I’ve ranked my top five viewings in order from “liked” to “loved,” so feel free to click here to peruse my musings on them and everything else!


Other first-time viewings (in alphabetical order):

Adore (Fontaine, ’13)
Blind Detective (To, ’13)
Gravity (Cuarón, ’13)
Night Moves (Reichardt, ’13)
The Paperboy (Daniels, ’12)
Prisoners (Villeneuve, ’13)
Putty Hill (Porterfield, ’10)
The Sacrament (West, ’13)
Stray Dogs (Tsai, ’13)
We Own the Night (Gray, ’07)

Total number of films watched (including re-watches): 13


One comment on “My September ’13 in Review: TIFF 2013 Reflection and Wrap-Up

  1. karamelkinema says:

    I envy you for having seen Dolan’s latest feature Tom a la farme! I can not wait to watch it myself 🙂

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