Derin’s Genre Wiki Wednesdays: An Introductory Post

After mulling it over for a considerable amount of time, my next big blog-centric undertaking will manifest itself in the form of several comprehensive genre Wiki pages. “Genre Wiki?” you’re assuredly asking yourselves, and I’m here with this preliminary rundown to explain things to you. As you may know, there exists many a core type of film, ranging from your typical run-and-gun 80s-style actioner to good ol’ fashioned “hard” R-rated comedy and depression-inducing romantic melodrama. Inherently, a film placed within any one of these varying sects will sport defining singular characteristics that set them apart from the bulk of the pack, plopping them confidently into one of many discernible “subgenres.”

Put plainly, the number of subgenres out there in the industry is staggering, and I place the utmost emphasis on the word. Whether it’s a common apocalyptic entity (zombies) or a purposeful emphasis on love found and heartrendingly lost (Blue Valentine, Like Crazy), these types of films have all been branded with ever-expanding monikers in a continuing attempt to appeal to a specific audience. Do a lot of these films fall flat in their intended exposition of said specificity? Of course, and more often than not, which is why when something particularly groundbreaking comes along, that one production immediately establishes itself as a prime example of how THAT type of film should be made.

I’m aware that the examples I’ve chosen are shallow in comparison to the vastness of the subject I’m earnestly trying to tackle, and I apologize for that in the interim, however below I’ve provided an in-depth infographic – one that concisely outlines the particular genres and corresponding subgenres I’m going to examine, discuss and file films under at relative length. Please take note that I’m very willing to field outside assistance in the realm of foreign genre filmmaking as the topic in itself is a mammoth undertaking, more specifically from those that favor one distinguished region over another. As for all of my self-authored material, it will be influenced solely by my personal cinematic experiences to date and, as such, will be written entirely by me to promote discussion.

As for the categorization of the films themselves, I’ll be listing my favorite and least favorites separately by decade, all of which will be classified via the elements each possesses across the increasingly layered genre universe. I’ll divulge more details as soon as humanly possible, but if you could, I’d appreciate it if you could voice your concerns or support of the individual lists I’ve compiled as of yesterday evening. Thanks in advance, and I look forward to getting this underway!

Genre Wiki Wednesday


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